Pride Intelligent equipment technology (jiangsu) co. LTD.


Pride Intelligent equipment technology (jiangsu) co. LTD. is affiliated to Pride Science and Technology Group, Specializing in robot 

applications, non - standard automation and intelligent warehousing. 普琅德科技集团主要经营智能制造装备及精密模具。 

Pride Technology Group main engaged in intelligent manufacturing equipment and precision mold. 

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Customer oriented mindset in all aspects of the business (ideas, actions, and decisions). Emphasis on identifying and solving problems at all levels of production and management. The project manager responsibility system shall be strictly implemented, with clear division of labor and responsibility assigned to each person.

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The company has a complete assembly and testing technology system and intelligent, high-precision testing equipment. At the same time, it integrates efficient logistics intelligent storage, quality tracking and informatization, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop solution of intelligent factory. Products and technologies have been widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, shipping, mobile phones, electronic products and other fields. Won the general recognition and praise of customers.

Product Quality Assurance